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Short on sports betting and match fixing

March 27, 2013

I am trying to learn more about match fixing and took a look at this piece in the Bettingexpert blog by Andrew Brocker.

USA is a special country in many ways, and the viewpoints to sports betting are often peculiar. I read about Burkhart and Welsh’s paper on the controversy in New Jersey where sports betting might be legalised and come across the following citation from an NBA Commissioner.

If sports betting were legalised in New Jersey “the allegiance of certain fans will be turned from teams, players and high-level competition, toward an interest first and foremost in winning a bet.”

Burkhart and Welsh state:

“In essence, the League argues that an increase in gambling as a result of the Sports Wagering Law will turn “fans” into “gamblers” who cheer only for players, teams and bets, rather than their home town favourite, resulting in irreparable harm to the League.”

There are so much to say about sports betting and what it does to society and individuals that loose everything in gambling. I do not argue for or against a legalisation of sports betting in New Jersey here (even if my thoughts probably is obvious if you followed my blog), but I just had to comment to the above quotes. SPORTS BETTING DOES NOT TURN SUPPORTERS INTO PURE GAMBLERS WHO LOOSE INTEREST IN THEIR LOCAL TEAM! Please, take a look around, do you feel that football (soccer) fans in Europe have turned “into gamblers” completely?

There are many problems with the commercialisation of sports and the fans today are not the same as, say, 20 years ago. I do not think sports betting is the major factor to that though.


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