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A new snowball

March 1, 2013

Time to start a new snowball. The strategy will be to pick out around 50% of the profit after each day.

Friday 1 March

Start with one unit on the following DnB triple played on Bet365 (observe that Asian handicap 0 have higher odds than DnB in all three games for some reason, thus the bets are played as Asian handicap).

Wolves – Watford: Watford DnB @1.60.
Result: 1-1 (last minute equaliser by Woles…)

Le Havre – Chateauroux: Le Havre DnB @1.35.
Result: 1-0

Ajaccio – Monaco: Monaco DnB @1.375
Result: 0-1

I won 0.8425 units today, and I cash out 0.425 units and add 0.4 units to the wager for the next bet.

Saturday 2 March

So close to a great start, but Wolves very late equaliser stopped the snowball from growing big already after day one. Today I continue with two games and pay 1.40 units.

Sturm Graz – Admira Wacker: Sturm Graz DnB @1.26.
Result: 1-2

Sassulo – Grosetto: Sassulo AH -0.75 @1.40.
Result: 0-2

Really bad picks and my snowball melted way too early. In total I lost 0.575 units. Will probably be back with a new snowball try soon.


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  1. Careful dabbling in Serie B, always very suspicious of games in that league 🙂

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