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BTTS trend on Twitter paid by the industry?

December 31, 2012

Just came across a great piece by Jonny Grossmark about the recent trend in BTTS (Both Teams To Score) bets! Yesterday many ‘social tipsters’ pick BTTS in QPR-Liverpool.

Looking at average stats QPR ‘should’ have scored yesterday after Liverpool’s early goal. But there are more variables involved than the scoring minute for the away team (e.g. the strength of the home team) and QPR’s offensive line is simply not good enough.

The BTTS bet is not a bad pick every time (look at Everton’s stats), but the recent trend is dangerous. Plenty of non-informed tipster blindly back well known Twitter tipsters, some probably paid by the betting industry.

  1. Jonny Grossmark permalink

    I am pleased you enjoy reading my work and would be most grateful if in future you ask for my permission which would have been Yes . You have rather chopped the article which is also fine . I have another Btts article out today .

    • Thanks for your comment. I will think about that next time.
      I will read your new article later tonight. Interesting stuff.

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