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October 16, 2012

Some quick picks for the games tonight:

Austria-Kazakhstan: Handicap -1.5. Austria @1.80
Austria is much better than Kazakhstan. Moreover Kazakhstan have a lot of players out due to injuries and suspensions.

Result: 4-0. Won.

Belgium – Scotland: Handicap -1. Belgium @1.654.
The Belgian side is very interesting and I am convinced that they will beat a rather week Scotland. The wager is given back if they only win with one goal.
Additional bet: Belgium first to seven corners @2.20.

Result: 2-0. Won

Corners: 6-2. Loss

Spain-France. Handicap -1. Spain @1.781
I believe Spain will win at home and hope for at least a two goal difference.

Result: 1-1 Loss (after 93:30 Juanfran tried to dribble three players. France scores 1-1.)

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Lithuania. Handicap -2. B-H @2.01
Bosnia-Herzegovina have a strong side and should beat Lithuania big.

Result: 3-0. Won

Slovakia – Greece. DnB Slovakia @1.80
Slovakia is good! I don’t think they will loose at home and hope for a win.

Result: 0-1. Loss

Moreover I placed an early bet on the Chile – Argentine game. Bwin had 1.70 a couple of days ago for Argentine over 1.5 goals. Messi et al will manage to do that. Especially against a Chilean team that have had a couple of bad games recently.

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