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Italian stats

June 26, 2012

Aaron Nielsen (@ENBSports) summarised the statistical leaders for Italian Serie A and Serie B. Who do you think top the assist league? Andrea Pirlo (together with Fabrizio Miccoli) of course. Also intersting to see that the top goal scorers also top the Shots on Target-list. Ibrahimovic (top goalscorer), Di Natale (third), and Cavani (fourth) had most shot on target in the leauge. Diego Milito (second) did not have as many shots as the other top scorers, in agreement with my feeling that he scores as soon as he gets the opportunity…

In Serie B Ciro Immobile scored 28 goals in 37 appearances. He only had 57 shots on target. Thus, he scores at every second shot (on target). Amazing! It will be intersting to see where he plays next season. As far as I know he is co-owned by Genua and Juventus.


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  1. King permalink

    I think it is a bit strange that no Serie A player managed to score more than twice on free kick. Just bad!!!

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