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Transfer market value

June 24, 2012

How is the transfer market value of a player chosen? I can’t really answer that question, but here is a list of the market value of the Euro teams, taken from this blog by @sportingintel.

Market value of the Euro 2012 squads

Of course this kind of lists are interesting, and can be further analysed. However, to analyse the overall skills of teams more factors should be taken into account. For example, squads with older players will not be as valuable as younger teams and players from smaller leagues are probably, in general, better than their market values. Here is a list of the average age of the players in the different teams.

How does the market value correlates with average age value? In the following figure the average age is plotted against market value. A trend is clearly seen. Teams with low average age have, in general, high market value. Of course, the association is rather weak (linear correlation coefficient -0.36), but factors like player age etcetera should be taken into account when transfer market value is used as an indicator of skills. It should be mentioned that the sport intelligence blog post does not suggest that market value correlates with skills at all.

Euro 2012 - Average age vs Total squad value


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