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Rating after Sweden’s win

June 19, 2012

Finally Sweden did very well tonight winning over (a seemingly uninspired) France. Here are my rating of the Swedish players. Rating 1-5, where 5 is world class. The grades are probably a bit too high, but hey, I’m Swedish and very much biased of course…

Isaksson: 4 – Stable as always
Granqvist: 3
Mellberg: 5 – World class, let us hope he wants to continue over the World Cup!
J Olsson: 3
M Olsson: 3

Larsson: 4 – One goal, one assist
Källström: 3
Svensson: 3
Bajrami: 2 – did just get one half a not really the chance to shine

Ibra: 4 – magnificent, but I want more brilliance
Toivonen: 3 – good play but should have scored

Wilhelmsson: 5 – Absolutely brilliant, he still have a couple of years at a high level
Holmén and Wernblom played too few minutes.


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  1. Martin olsson: 4

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