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Olof Lundh’s eleven

June 19, 2012

Olof Lundh at Swedish TV 4 and just released his Swedish starting eleven after the Euros. (Find a better one here.) It is as follows:

Salomonsson – Mellberg – J Olsson – M Olsson
Elm – Källström
Larsson – Ibra – Bajrami

I get really upset when people want to replace the best goalkeeper Sweden has had since Ronnie Hellström (in the national team that is). For what reasons? Both Per Hansson and Johan Wiland are great goalkeepers, but replacing Isaksson with Hansson because he is a better footballer is just stupid. Didn’t Isaksson show against England what a great goalkeeper he is? Goalies main task is to stop shots and crosses, not to deliver perfect 50 meter passes.

Playing a right back a bit above the average in Allsvenskan (Salomonsson) is such a bad idea that I can’t even comment it…

As mentioned in one of my previous posts I don’t think Bajrami has what is needed for this level and I leave him out of the complete squad.

Finally, Guidetti seems to be the real deal, but I would wait for a while longer before picking him before Elmander. And Ibra is NOT A MIDFIELD PLAYER!

Apart from that, a good starting eleven. 😉


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