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Sweden’s starting eleven after the Euros

June 17, 2012

In the last post (in Swedish) I give my thoughts about Sweden’s squad after the Euros. Right now my 23 man strong squad is:

Isaksson, Wiland, Hansson

Lustig, Ekstrand, J Olsson, Granqvist, Antonsson, M Olsson, Safari

Larsson, Holmén, Källström, Wernblom, Elm, Wilhelmsson, Ekdal, Kačaniklić

Ibrahimović, Elmander, Guidetti, Toivonen, Ranégie

Anna asks about the starting eleven. I reckon this is actually easier. I think Sweden should play with a 4-4-2 formation with Zlatan Ibrahimović in a forward, not midfield, position, and Pontus Wernblom in a defensive midfield position. However, Zlatan should be free to drop down and deliver some magical passes to his team mates. The eleven to start is:

Lustig – Granqvist – J Olsson – M Olsson
Larsson – Wernblom – Källström – Elm
Ibrahimović – Elmander

Not that much of a difference, but in my opinion, Sweden started the game against England the other day with the best eleven at today’s date. Closest to break through into this eleven is probably, Guidetti (if Elmander or Ibrahimović is out), Toivonen (in midfield), and Joel Ekstrand (instead of Lustig).


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