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Swedes in Premier League

June 13, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I got involved in a twitter conversation with football reporter Jonas Dahlquist and others about Swedes in the English Premier League. We agreed that Blackburn is the club with most Swedes over the years and that Sunderland probably is second. Here is a list with all clubs with Swedish players in the PL. I have only considered players that have actually been present on the pitch. Anyone forgotten?

Seven players:
Blackburn: Anders Andersson, Patrik Andersson, Martin Dahlin, Niklas Gudmundsson, Nils-Erik Johansson, Markus Olsson, Martin Olsson

Five players:
Sunderland: Joakim Björklund, Jan Eriksson, Sebastian Larsson, Rade Prica, Stefan Schwarz (Tobias Hysén only played in the Championship)
Arsenal: Stefan Schwarz, Fredrik Ljungberg, Anders Limpar, Sebastian Larsson, Rami Shaaban

Four players:
Southampton: Anders Svensson, Andreas Jakobsson, Mikael Nilsson, Mikael Svensson (Alexander Östlund only played in the Championship)
Everton: Tobias Linderoth, Niklas Alexandersson, Jesper Blomqvist, Anders Limpar
Fulham: Fredrik Stoor, David Elm, Björn Runström, Alexander Kačaniklić

Three players:
Man United: Jesper Blomqvist, Bojan Djordjic, Henrik Larsson
Wigan: Andreas Johansson, Erik Edman, Andreas Granqvist
Coventry: Tomas Antonelius, Magnus Hedman, Roland Nilsson
Sheff Wed: Niklas Alexandersson, Klas Ingesson, Roland Nilsson
Charlton: Mathias Svensson, Martin Pringle, Jesper Blomqvist

Two players:
Bolton: Christian Wilhelmsson, Johan Elmander
Aston Villa: Markus Allbäck, Olof Mellberg
Norwich: Mattias Jonsson, Mathias Svensson
Leeds: Teddy Lucic, Tomas Brolin

One players:
Newcastle: Andreas Andersson
Tottenham: Erik Edman
West Ham: Fredrik Ljungberg
Man City: Andreas Isaksson
West Brom: Jonas Olsson
Leicester: Pontus Kåmark
Birmingham: Sebastian Larsson
Sheffield U: Jonas Wirmola
Nott Forest: Jesper Mattsson
Derby: Marino Ramberg
Crystal Palace: Tomas Brolin

So again, did any of the players above not participate in at least one PL game? Who have I missed (there must be a few)?

EDIT 1: Forgot Roland Nilsson in Sheffield Wednesday. Thanks @oloflundh. Any more?
EDIT 2: Alexander Östlund played for Southampton. Thanks @SweMeatballs78.
EDIT 3: Apparently Alexander Östlund did not play in the PL but only in the Championship. Moreover, I missed Jesper Blomqvist three games for Charlton Athletic. Thanks to @Soccer_Stats who informed me of this useful page.


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  1. Johan M permalink

    Grymt jobb! Fortsätt uppdatera är du snäll.

    • Tack. Absolut ska fortsätta uppdatera, men jag behöver hjälp! En RT på twitter vore hyggligt.

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