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I agree with the referee (for once)

June 10, 2012

The great blog at analyses the two Euro games from yesterday in more depth here and here. My conclusions in the last post – based on some very basic statistics – don’t seem to be too bad…

I watched the Spain-Italy game today and tried to mark all fouls that I would have given a freekick in and also tried to mark all freekicks given by the referee. I agreed with the ref in most situations and would have given Spain 17 freekicks in total, compared to 16 by the ref, and Italy 11, compared to 13. This game wasn’t very hard to judge however and it would be interesting to do the same thing in a more intense game. I should point out that I watched the game with a sick daughter and might have missed a few situations.

Tomorrow Sweden play their first match in the tournament and I hope for the following starting eleven:

Grankvist-Mellberg-J Olsson-M Olsson

Elmander is probably fit from his injury and is very important for the Swedish team so I think he will start even if he lacks match fitness. Rasmus Elm must be in the starting eleven and against Ukraine I believe he and Kim Källström will be ideal in the central midfield positions. Against England and France Anders Svensson (or even Pontus Wernblom) might be a better choice since they are probably better defensively. Then I would play Elm at Toivonens positions as a offensive left winger. I can’t wait for the game to kick off.


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